Septycal Gorge - Scourge of the Formless Breed


Artist: Septycal Gorge
Title: Scourge of the Formless Breed
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Length: 32:24
Label: Comatose Music
Year: 2014

What our customers say...

Well here's a sharp stick in your eye! Ear I guess. Full speed ahead brutal death with flawless production. These guys seem to have found "their" sound on this album and it's great, less bit of this and sounds like that. Break downs and slam are all but gone, just a tad here and there, some lead/solo work has found it's way in, as well as some solid mid pace and damn near slow (by comparison) stuff. Well executed! If you enjoy stuff like origin, deeds, inherit, or any of the other bands S.G. members play in you should love this. Great shit!

Rated by Darrik Johnson
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