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IMPERIAL EXECRATION ‘Commanding Satan’s Crusades’

United in an unholy alliance, Imperial Execration and Comatose Music will unleash ‘Commanding Satan’s Crusades’. Never has brutal death metal sounded so unspeakably evil and unremittingly black – nothing this year will surpass it for nightmarish rot and scorched earth devastation. Featuring the bestial bellows of the infamous Mr Oscarnivore Macias of Carnivore Diprosopus, this aural abomination will suck the light from your world and plunge you into ineffable darkness. With an atmosphere like putrid poison dripping from every mind mangling riff, ‘Commanding Satan’s Crusades’ will leave no doubt about the future – there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is no redemption, no resurrection… there is only Imperial Execration! PRE-ORDER NOW!

STABBING ‘Extirpated Mortal Process’

December 9th will see the return of Stabbing with their debut full length, ‘Extirpated Mortal Process’. These Texans are set to drown the world in gore and reshape the hierarchy of brutality forever. A vivid display of horror and unfathomable violence infused with blood chilling atmosphere and possessing an imposing, fear inspiring presence. Every venomous beat, every guttural roar, every skull crushing riff is delivered with malicious intent and swathed in a crawling mist of overwhelming terror. ‘Extirpated Mortal Process’ is brutal, bloody perfection… the crimson nightmare the dark side of your soul has been yearning for… PRE-ORDER NOW!


On November 18th Comatose Music will deliver a new dark gift to the world; the stunning third album from Houston’s Desecrate the Faith. ‘III’ may be simply named, but behind that stark title lies an album of shocking intensity and absolute destructive power. Combining staggering song craft, stellar musicianship and frightening velocity, Desecrate the Faith have created a true masterpiece of brutal death metal. Lay down your soul to ‘III’ and let Desecrate the Faith take you on a soul grinding trip to Hell! ORDER NOW!

9 DEAD ‘9 Dead’

On November 4th 9 Dead will deliver their self-titled debut album, a monument to brutal death metal’s power and possibilities. An ominous and unforgettable ride through sonic extremity, but one with a rich palette of dynamics, mood and atmosphere, 9 Dead have curated a journey through nightmares that will draw you back into its grasp time after time. This will challenge your strength, your endurance, your ability to cope with crushing violence, but also spin tales and craft songs that will stay with you long after the broken bones have fused, and the bruises faded. When the final reckoning is made, few – if any – of this year’s brutal death metal releases will be the equal of 9 Dead’s deleterious debut. And this is just the beginning… ORDER NOW!