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IN ASYMMETRY ‘Ashes of Dead Worlds’

On May 7th Comatose Music will unleash the staggering debut album from In Asymmetry titled ‘Ashes of Dead Worlds’. This is a breathtaking onslaught of raging chaos, a vortex of riffs and interwoven notes delivered at terrifying velocity – yet within the maelstrom each instrument operates with incredible precision; perfect order within perfect chaos. Featuring current and ex-members of Goratory, Deeds of Flesh and The Faceless. In Asymmetry are a formidable, ruthless unit and when ‘Ashes of Dead Worlds’ explodes the pretenders to the throne better start running. ORDER NOW!


EXTERMINATED ‘The Genesis of Genocide’

On April 9th Comatose Music will release the debut full-length album from Filipino death squad, Exterminated. ‘The Genesis of Genocide’ is an intimidating explosion of feral hate that taps into the vein of lust and violence that runs through the human condition like a seam of black blood. For all those jaded creatures hungry to rediscover the thrill of bludgeoning, battering, remorseless and inhuman brutality, ‘The Genesis of Genocide’ will be their new high as Exterminated push the limits of sonic extremity and skull-crushing death metal to the breaking point. ORDER NOW!


TWITCH OF THE DEATH NERVE ‘Beset by False Prophets’

The death nerve keeps twitching! Following on from their critically acclaimed 2020 album, ‘A Resting Place for the Wrathful’, Twitch of the Death Nerve return with ‘Beset by False Prophets’ – a combination of brand-new studio material and a stunningly savage live set recorded at Portugal’s Xxxapada Na Tromba festival. Out on March 12th, ‘Beset by False Prophets’ is an album of staggering intensity throughout – Twitch of the Death Nerve has thrown down the gauntlet for 2021… it doesn’t get any heavier than this! ORDER NOW!


COLOSSUS ‘Degenesis’

Mankind’s days are numbered! Combining light speed, incisive riffs and elements of cosmic technicality with sheer heaviness that defies comprehension – sounds from beyond and beneath – come Colossus; a towering new force in the realms of ultra-extremity comprised of members from Lividity, Cryptic Fog and Cereviscera. On February 5th Comatose Music will unleash ‘Degenesis’, the debut album from these bringers of destruction and rebirth and a monstrous new era of devastation will begin. ORDER NOW!