Comatose Music


On November 18th Comatose Music will deliver a new dark gift to the world; the stunning third album from Houston’s Desecrate the Faith. ‘III’ may be simply named, but behind that stark title lies an album of shocking intensity and absolute destructive power. Combining staggering song craft, stellar musicianship and frightening velocity, Desecrate the Faith have created a true masterpiece of brutal death metal. Lay down your soul to ‘III’ and let Desecrate the Faith take you on a soul grinding trip to Hell! PRE-ORDER NOW!

9 DEAD ‘9 Dead’

On November 4th 9 Dead will deliver their self-titled debut album, a monument to brutal death metal’s power and possibilities. An ominous and unforgettable ride through sonic extremity, but one with a rich palette of dynamics, mood and atmosphere, 9 Dead have curated a journey through nightmares that will draw you back into its grasp time after time. This will challenge your strength, your endurance, your ability to cope with crushing violence, but also spin tales and craft songs that will stay with you long after the broken bones have fused, and the bruises faded. When the final reckoning is made, few – if any – of this year’s brutal death metal releases will be the equal of 9 Dead’s deleterious debut. And this is just the beginning… PRE-ORDER NOW!


More than twenty years into a career of bludgeoning, calamitous disorder, Tennessee’s Coathanger Abortion have returned with their third full length album – the mind-blowing death metal assault of ‘Plan C’. There’s not a moment on ‘Plan C’ that isn’t bone-breaking in its heaviness, but it’s also disconcerting, disarming and unnerving, embedded with devilish hooks and totally addictive. Featuring seven original tracks and a crushing cover of a Broken Hope classic that fits seamlessly into the arsenal of Coathanger Abortion material, ‘Plan C’ takes things to the next level! It’s time to welcome back the blood-splattered anti-heroes of death metal! ORDER NOW!

SERMON OF MOCKERY ‘Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide’

Years after it was recorded Comatose Music has finally unearthed the debut EP from Sermon of Mockery. Featuring the inhuman voice of renowned front man Johnny Paoline (Mortal Decay) and the relentless drumming of the human tornado, Lev Kurgansky (Horror God, Ezophogothmia, ex-Fleshgore), ‘Crippler Crossface Murder Suicide’ is a release of utter brutality and disorientating carnage; a grotesque outburst of musical insanity that will drag you to the limits of your endurance and toss you unceremoniously over the edge. After your senses have been violated by Sermon of Mockery nothing else will ever seem truly extreme again. Unleashed on October 7th! ORDER NOW!

AWAKEN THE MISOGYNIST ‘Descended from Vast Dimensions’

On September 9th strap yourself in and prepare for a punishing ride through depravity and darkness as Comatose Music unleashes the debut album from Awaken the Misogynist ‘Descended from Vast Dimensions’. This international collective of experienced purveyors of the most brutal death metal have carved out a savage and ugly nail bomb of slamming sickness, one that holds up a mirror to humanity and demands we gaze upon our most repulsive imperfections. Twelve tracks, twelve hemorrhaging wounds of violence and disease are coming your way, so prepare for ‘Descended from Vast Dimensions’, the sickening slurry of slam and blunt force bludgeoning you deserve. ORDER NOW!