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KRYPTOXIK MORTALITY ‘Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation’

Blasting out of the Pacific Northwest, invoking the sound of absolute annihilation come Kryptoxik Mortality, armed with their second full length album ‘Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation’! Featuring eleven tracks of cataclysmic destruction on a horrifying scale, this is pulverizing, slamming death metal – a crushing attack, relentless in delivery and merciless by design. Kryptoxik Mortality will unleash their diseased bringer of death on December 8th and ‘Interdimensional Calamitous Extirpation’ will sweep the earth leaving total extinction in its wake. Prepare to be bludgeoned into oblivion! ORDER NOW!


NecroticGoreBeast returns with their new album ‘Repugnant’! The Quebecois killers have raised the bar again with a relentless attack of bone shattering violence on their withered path of carnage. The blades they wield are sharper than ever, the riffs cutting deeper, dissecting and dismembering, leaving gaping wounds in their wake. Featuring throat shredding guest vocal appearances from Cryptopsy’s Matt McGachy and Bludgeoned’s Jonathan Huber. Everything about this album is intense and on November 3rd there will be no resisting its obscene might. ORDER NOW!

Comatose Music welcomes BRUTALISM!

Boise brutal death metal quintet Brutalism has recently inked a deal and joined the punishing ranks of Comatose Music. They are currently in the final stages of recording their debut full length comprised of eleven relentless tracks with an expected release date in early 2024. More news to follow in the coming months, including album details and all new single. Be prepared!

TORTURED ‘Genetically Engineered Monstrosity’

On July 7th the colossal destructive power of Tortured will be set loose with their debut full length album ‘Genetically Engineered Monstrosity’. It has been a long wait since 2020s ‘The Limb Collector’ EP first hinted at what Tortured were capable of, but every second of those intervening years has been justified by the arrival of this bludgeoning assault. This is unflinching, undiluted, ultra-violent brutal death metal… this is what the genre is meant to sound like. ‘Genetically Engineered Monstrosity’ is a master class in absolute bone breaking brutality – accept no imitations. ORDER NOW!