Beneath - Enslaved by Fear


Artist: Beneath
Title: Enslaved by Fear
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Length: 41:12
Label: Unique Leader Records
Year: 2012

What our customers say...

I've waited many,many YEARS!!! for a band like this to re-emerge from the depths of the brutal deathmetal scene. This album has to be one the greatest albums i've heard in at least a decade. BENEATH does not fuck around, it's gonna tear out your jugular and straight shit down your throat. This album absolutely devastates your ear drums. Pure speed & hatred filled blastbeats from start to finish. Great production,Brutal vocals & insane riffs. This album personally reminds me of a cross between Deeds Of Flesh "reduced to ashes"/Hate Eternal "king of kings" with some catchy melodic harmonizing overtones at times. SICK,SICK,SICK!!!! BUY THIS ALBUM!! You wont regret it! -l-

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