Abysmal Torment - Cultivate the Apostate


Artist: Abysmal Torment
Title: Cultivate the Apostate
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Length: 59:00
Label: Willowtip
Year: 2014

What our customers say...

Hmm....sounds like someone we've heard before. Deicide perhaps? Shit the singer sounds like he's doing a spot on impersonation! Tack on the "church sucks" lyrics, mix in some raging tech death and voila! Great none the less, fantastic percussion, solid guitar work full of fun little tricks, and some mean bass slapping, guy is a cut above the pack for sure. Breakdown haters may struggle, but u can't show off your tai Kwan do without em, that'd be silly.

Rated by Darrik Johnson
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