Devangelic - Resurrection Denied


Artist: Devangelic
Title: Resurrection Denied
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Length: 31:07
Label: Comatose Music
Year: 2014

What our customers say...

This album is up there with Disgorge's Consume the Forsaken. Decrepit Birth's And Time Begins, and Condemned's Desecrate the Vile! This album is an instant classic!

Rated by Adam Menshouse

The best death metal album of 2014. A Disgorge (US) clone. Nothing wrong with that. Amazing drumming, and straight forward song writing.

Rated by Adam Menshouse

When you woke up this morning did you find yourself hating on Jesus before your feet could even hit the floor? These guys did. Typewriter drumming, low, growling guitars and a bass that's kinda lost in the mix. Low, gnarly vox that stay that way. Album plays like one giant song minus some samples. Follows the brutal lead/solo free formula that seems to be the thing these days. Relentless, mid paced death with a heavy break (not breakdown) here and there. Meh....pretty sturdy!

Rated by Darrik Johnson
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