Mortal Decay - The Blueprint for Blood Spatter


Artist: Mortal Decay
Title: The Blueprint for Blood Spatter
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Length: 31:35
Label: Comatose Music
Year: 2013

What our customers say...

The Blueprint For Blood Splatter by Mortal Decay is a smoldering monolith of crushing Death Metal that is a bestial and superbly crafted convoluted corrosive onslaught of Technically masterful Brutal Death Metal.What we have on offer is an album that is truly a convulsive labyrinth of Brutal , savage and bludgeoning Technical Death Metal of the most terrifying nature! Constructed from ferocious churning guitar riffs , punishing percussive bass work, blistering drumming and deliciously devastating guttural vocals , the nine tracks on offer are infectious , jagged , visceral and unhinged. A constantly shifting and convulsing rythmic discharge that stands as some of the most bone shattering , unhinged and fabulously crafted Death Metal i have heard in ages! I have purposefully not referenced similar bands as i think this album needs to be listened to on its own merits. Sure their influences may be obvious yet the aforementioned fact does not detract from what is certainly a scorching masterpiece of powerful Death Metal

Rated by Asher Locketz
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