Comatose Music

NECROTICGOREBEAST ‘Human Deviance Galore’

Tearing their way through the brutal death metal underground, NecroticGoreBeast have returned! The second album from the Quebecois war machine, ‘Human Deviance Galore’ will be unveiled on October 1st and the stunning musical dexterity, inhuman vocal delivery and bone-breaking riffs will leave no doubt as to who is the heaviest band in the goddamn world. Setting new standards for the genre as they execute a scorched earth policy of devastation, nothing will withstand the onslaught of ‘Human Deviance Galore’! In this bloody pit of sick and violent music no one will be left standing… prepare to be violated and destroyed! ORDER NOW!

INTERNAL BLEEDING ‘Heritage of Sickness II’

On September 3rd Comatose Music head back to the beginnings of brutality with a revamped reissue of Internal Bleeding’s classic demo collection – this is ‘Heritage of Sickness II’! Featuring the ground-breaking tracks from the inventors of slam that includes their ‘90s demos and a new, raw live track recorded in Japan in 2019, all with updated artwork. This is an essential addition for all serious slam collections. The songs that formed the very foundations of all slam death metal, remastered and ready to kill! ORDER NOW!

Comatose Music welcomes South Jersey’s 9 DEAD!

Comatose Music is delighted to announce the latest recruit to our battalions of brutality – 9 Dead. Featuring ex-members of The Gurchick Tree, the South New Jersey band’s experience is evident on their recent single release, ‘Realms’ and when their full length debut album is unleashed in early 2022 the devastation will be legendary. Expect outrageous heaviness and unspeakable brutality!


On July 2nd Comatose Music will unleash the debut album from Indonesia’s Anthropophagus Depravity. ‘Apocalypto’ features eight grotesque hymns of sacrificial slaughter, a torrent of overwhelming, suffocating horror that feeds upon the vicious rituals of the ancient Mayan religion. Armed with furious riffs, relentless blasts and nerve-shredding atmosphere, this is one of the most effective and exciting brutal death metal releases you’ll hear this year. Be prepared for shuddering heaviness and nightmarish brutality when this beast is unchained. ORDER NOW!

IN ASYMMETRY ‘Ashes of Dead Worlds’

On May 7th Comatose Music will unleash the staggering debut album from In Asymmetry titled ‘Ashes of Dead Worlds’. This is a breathtaking onslaught of raging chaos, a vortex of riffs and interwoven notes delivered at terrifying velocity – yet within the maelstrom each instrument operates with incredible precision; perfect order within perfect chaos. Featuring current and ex-members of Goratory, Deeds of Flesh and The Faceless. In Asymmetry are a formidable, ruthless unit and when ‘Ashes of Dead Worlds’ explodes the pretenders to the throne better start running. ORDER NOW!