Comatose Music

WHORE OF BETHLEHEM ‘Ritual of Homicide’

On March 24th the infernal legions of Whore of Bethlehem will march forth on a plague bearing crusade to spread their ‘Ritual of Homicide’ around this failing earth. The first new Whore of Bethlehem album in six years, ‘Ritual of Homicide’ is an outpouring of black blasphemy and twisted brutality to shake the pillars of faith. Full of irresistible intricacies and spirit burning barbarity, ‘Ritual of Homicide’ is a masterful album that holds fast to the hallowed forms of classic death metal while striding purposefully into the realms of sheer sonic extremity, with a heart sworn to the black and a soul pledged to hell. No one invokes the sound of violence and wickedness like Whore of Bethlehem. ORDER NOW!

DEPRAVED MURDER ‘Unethical Terrestrial Collapse’

On March 10th Depraved Murder will rise again from the shadows of the Indonesian death metal underground to lay waste to the world once more. Formed from nine new apocryphal hymns, dire portents of imminent destruction underscored by skin flaying blasts and riffs to tear apart the fabric of existence, ‘Unethical Terrestrial Collapse’ is a firestorm to usher in the end times. A superlative example of the ruthless power of brutal death metal, this album amply demonstrates that Depraved Murder have evolved into a true apex predator of the most extreme of music territories. ‘Unethical Terrestrial Collapse’ is the cacophonous accompaniment to every horror that 2023 has in store for our beleaguered planet.

INFINITED HATE ‘Revel in Bloodshed’ & ‘Heaven Termination’

On December 16th Comatose Music proudly presents the long out of print re-issues of ‘Revel in Bloodshed’ and ‘Heaven Termination’ by Infinited Hate! Hailing from The Netherlands, Infinited Hate carved their way through the mid-2000’s with their fierce style of brutal death metal that helped to shape and define the sound of that era. These re-issues each come in a sleek six panel digipack and both are strictly limited to 500 units. If you missed Infinited Hate back in the day, now is your chance to own some death metal history! Officially licensed from Displeased Records. ORDER NOW!

IMPERIAL EXECRATION ‘Commanding Satan’s Crusades’

United in an unholy alliance, Imperial Execration and Comatose Music will unleash ‘Commanding Satan’s Crusades’. Never has brutal death metal sounded so unspeakably evil and unremittingly black – nothing this year will surpass it for nightmarish rot and scorched earth devastation. Featuring the bestial bellows of the infamous Mr Oscarnivore Macias of Carnivore Diprosopus, this aural abomination will suck the light from your world and plunge you into ineffable darkness. With an atmosphere like putrid poison dripping from every mind mangling riff, ‘Commanding Satan’s Crusades’ will leave no doubt about the future – there is no light at the end of the tunnel, there is no redemption, no resurrection… there is only Imperial Execration! ORDER NOW!

STABBING ‘Extirpated Mortal Process’

December 9th will see the return of Stabbing with their debut full length, ‘Extirpated Mortal Process’. These Texans are set to drown the world in gore and reshape the hierarchy of brutality forever. A vivid display of horror and unfathomable violence infused with blood chilling atmosphere and possessing an imposing, fear inspiring presence. Every venomous beat, every guttural roar, every skull crushing riff is delivered with malicious intent and swathed in a crawling mist of overwhelming terror. ‘Extirpated Mortal Process’ is brutal, bloody perfection… the crimson nightmare the dark side of your soul has been yearning for… ORDER NOW!