Comatose Music

INCINERATE ‘Eradicating Terrestrial Species’

Comatose Music proudly welcomes the Minnesota death metal machine Incinerate! After the departure of long time founding member and song writer Scott Ellingboe, many were skeptical of what the future would hold for this veteran outfit. Now with the addition of new members, the current lineup features guitarist Ted Isac and bassist Sasha Wilczynski, along with original member Jesse Watson and returning drummer Darren Cesca. The new release will push the boundaries they set for themselves with their 2008 release ‘Anatomize’, yet stay true to the traditional Incinerate sound with sickening ferocity. Conceptually it is science fiction meets the absence of faith in religion and will prove to be Incinerate’s most involved and accomplished musical endeavor to date. New and old fans alike will not be disappointed and should expect a more mature and evolved Incinerate. ORDER NOW!

DECIMATION ‘Reign of Ungodly Creation’

Turkish death metal band Decimation and Comatose Music join forces once again to release the new album ‘Reign of Ungodly Creation’. This full length is the follow up to their 2010 release ‘Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion’. During their fifteen years of existence, Decimation has crafted a very unique and technical style that gives them a distinct sound with an extremely eerie and dissonant aura of brutality. Mind bending riffs with ferocious drumming and guttural vocals collide to bring this ungodly creation of death metal that is certain to reign supreme in 2014! This CD release includes a 16 page booklet featuring the brilliant artwork of the legendary Dan Seagrave. Mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun Productions.

SEPTYCAL GORGE ‘Scourge of the Formless Breed’

After countless delays, the long awaited and highly anticipated new release from Septycal Gorge is ready to be uncaged! ‘Scourge of the Formless Breed’ marks the third full length album during their ten year reign of destruction in the Italian brutal death metal scene. Comatose Music is extremely pleased to announce the collaboration with Septycal Gorge to release the USA edition of this album in association with the European edition that will be pressed and available directly from the band. The track listing for both editions is identical. However, the packaging for both editions will be different and unique from each other. Musically this new release is a flawless execution of technical prowess that is superior in the genre. Expect no mercy during this relentless assault that is ‘Scourge of the Formless Breed’! ORDER NOW!

BLOODSOAKED ‘Religious Apocalypse’

Bloodsoaked returns in 2014 with the new release ‘Religious Apocalypse’. Now with the addition of a second guitarist they are ready to annihilate all that is holy with their old school storm of ravaging ferocity. This release contains new tracks along with some live tracks, plus a couple surprise cover songs. Bloodsoaked has mastered the craft of combining the classic death metal feel with precision modern production to create the supreme blend of total sonic destruction. See Bloodsoaked on their US tour in November 2014 and European tour in April 2015! ORDER NOW!

DEVANGELIC ‘Resurrection Denied’

From the holy city of Rome, Comatose Music presents the blasphemous creation known as Devangelic. Featuring members from Putridity, Vulvectomy, and Coprophiliac, they aim to perform the most furious death metal possible influenced by the likes of Disgorge, Gorgasm and Condemned. With this debut full length ‘Resurrection Denied’ you can expect nine tracks of inexorable guttural brutality against everything that is sacred! Recorded at 16th Cellar Studio. Artwork by Toshihiro Egawa. Be sure to see Devangelic on their US and European tours during the Summer of 2014! ORDER NOW!