SOLEMNITY ‘Scourging at the Pillar’

Far beyond the vacant shadows and rooted into the depths of damnation where the souls of humanity are sentenced to boundless suffering comes Solemnity. A lethal force of nature that delivers an uncompromising ambush of brutal death metal with absolute raw aggression. This five-track demo EP ‘Scourging at the Pillar’ unleashes a fury of sinful misery in the most primal form reminiscent of bands like Pustulated, Brodequin, Liturgy and Enmity. Strictly limited to 500 digipacks. Look out for their debut full length in 2023! ORDER NOW!

VIRULENT EXCISION / GOREPOT ‘Acts of Sadistic Cruelty’

On August 19th Comatose Music will unleash ‘Acts of Sadistic Cruelty’; a split album featuring four bands of the most barbarous, cold-blooded sonic assaults imaginable. Kill Everything, NecroticGoreBeast, Virulent Excision and Gorepot combine their awesome firepower and overwhelming sickness to deliver one colossal onslaught of brutal death metal! Four distinct styles of brutality slug it out in a no-holds-barred fight to the death. If you think you know heavy – think again. ORDER NOW!


The death metal samurai are back! Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement make their long-awaited return with this savage new masterpiece ‘Constructing the Cataclysm’, their first release for new label Comatose Music. Featuring the talents of multi-instrumentalist Jordan Varela (Lust of Decay) and vocalist Jay Barnes (Cesspool of Vermin) this eight track descent into the unspeakable horrors of the Japanese underworld is a towering monolith of pure death metal, infused with the fire of imaginative and inventive writing. Stunning riffs, staggering vocals and domineering drumming will transport you to a world of blood, battle, gods and demons. Sharpen your blades and prepare for war – battle is joined on August 5th! ORDER NOW!

BETWEEN THE KILLINGS ‘The Killing Quartet Vol. 1 – Reflection of Murder’

On July 1st Comatose Music will unleash a potent new force in brutal death metal. Between the Killings bring together the skills and the sickness of current and former members of Horrific Demise, Gorgasm, Lividity, Colossus, Mortal Decay and Rupture Christ to create a monstrous explosion of devastating power. A vile concoction of brutality and obsession, this debut EP ‘The Killing Quartet Vol. 1 – Reflection of Murder’ takes you inside the warped mind of a relentless killer, accompanied by vast riffs, bestial vocals and an unforgiving drum assault. This CD will strike like a hammer to the skull. ORDER NOW!

SIJJEEL ‘Salvation Within Insanity’

From the morbid purgatory that lies between the edge of sanity and the shores of madness comes the furious, brutal death metal of Sijjeel with their debut full length album ‘Salvation Within Insanity’. Featuring the combined powers of Hussain Akbar, Floor Van Kuijk (Korpse) and Lukas Kaminski (Stillbirth) this album is a hell-bound tour de force of terror. On June 3rd ‘Salvation Within Insanity’ strikes with malicious domination that is both relentless and absolutely punishing. Quite simply one of the most violent death metal albums you will ever hear. Be ready for the coming of Sijjeel! ORDER NOW!