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BRUTALISM ‘Solace in Absurdity’

Brutalism savagely unleashes their debut album ‘Solace in Absurdity’, eleven tracks of pure brutal death metal madness. The band masterfully blends their adoration of death metal’s early years with their own uniquely twisted technicality and visions of horror. Avoiding the use of typical modern production, Brutalism have captured the essence of chaos with a raw, organic sound perfect for their uncontrollable sonic creations. Prepare for fierce inhuman vocals with a vortex of spine-mangling riffs, howling solos and torturous blast beats. A new age of cruelty and malady is upon us! PRE-ORDER NOW!

DEVASTROSITY ‘Human Depravation’

Devastrosity and Comatose Music join forces to release ‘Human Depravation’, a vicious two song demo of inexorable magnitude and a prelude to their forthcoming debut album expected later this year! Featuring members of Deserter, Gorification and Killharmonic, this Indonesian brutal death metal monstrosity will unleash infinite carnage and absolute devastation in 2024! PRE-ORDER NOW!


For decades South American metal has been known for its ferocity and Colombian death machine, Cercenatory are about to take that premise to another level. Returning from the darkness with ‘GoreSphere’, their first new album in more than seven years, they will transport you to a universe of pure agony and a voracious appetite for suffering. This is brutal death metal taken to the absolute extreme; steeped in terror and lunacy, delivering bone crushing punishment with each moribund psalm to inhumanity. This deranged bastard child that is ‘GoreSphere’ will be torn from its putrefying womb and delivered to the world on February 16th. Savor the last days of life before you cross the threshold into the ‘GoreSphere’. ORDER NOW!

PERVERATION ‘Putrefaction of Infinite Apogee’

Ascending once more from the fetid hell of the Indonesian brutal death metal underground, Perveration have returned with an album that is the essence of emptiness and soulless desecration. ‘Putrefaction of Infinite Apogee’ strips away every element of humanity and civilization, rendering the listener down to their essentials of blood and bone. Perveration have summoned sounds from an otherworld beyond the farthest boundaries of sanity, decency and compassion. On February 2nd prepare to be immersed in a pit of depravity from which you may never emerge when ‘Putrefaction of Infinite Apogee’ is unleashed! ORDER NOW!