FOCAL DYSTONIA ‘Descending (In)Human Flesh’">OUT NOW!
FOCAL DYSTONIA ‘Descending (In)Human Flesh’

Focal Dystonia’s new album ‘Descending (In)Human Flesh’ is a horrifying debut to the brutal death metal scene from multi-instrumentalist Floor van Kuijk (Korpse/Carnifloor) and drummer Florent Duployer (Anachronism/Kakothanasy). A terrifying tsunami of raging riffs and unrelenting drum battery, this album is everything that fans of the genre could wish for in their most warped dreams. Featuring a bestial battalion of torn-throat psychopaths, no fewer than twelve highly respected guest vocalists from the darkest depths of the death metal underground, this is an album like no other – destined to be recognized as a genre defining classic. Expect no mercy when this beast is unleashed! ORDER NOW!

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