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Now through December 31st!

‘HOLY SHIT’ HOLIDAY SPECIAL is back! Buy three CDs and get two additional CDs FREE! Please follow these important instructions to take advantage of the biggest savings of the year! All CD sales are on a “first come, first served” basis, no CDs will be held to await payment. All CD sales must be completed by 11:59 PM EST December 31st, 2017 to qualify for this special. Please be aware that the free CDs must be equal to or less than the specified dollar amounts listed below. Many titles in the catalog are in limited supply and some will sell out, so please list alternate titles! Failure to follow all of these instructions will delay shipment of your order! Please contact if you have any questions regarding this special or availability of any titles.

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Comatose Music proudly welcomes the legendary Italian death metal outfit Corpsefucking Art! They are back after three years and ready to consume your carcass with their fifth studio full length as the soundtrack to your merciless demise. With a strong line-up that includes Mario Di Giambattista (Devangelic & Vulvectomy), and the historical founding member Andrea Corpse, the band stands ready to unearth their filthy and savage traditional sound strongly influenced by Cannibal Corpse (Barnes era), Incantation and Deicide. Artwork will be handled by Chris Moyen, who has been the band’s trademark for years, with his extravagant character “Mr. Daisy”. You can expect ten tracks of psychopathic old school, blood drenched death metal! Coming late 2018…