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‘HOLY SHIT’ HOLIDAY SPECIAL has returned! Buy three CDs and get two additional CDs FREE! Plus a randomly selected mystery gift with all orders of $30 or more. Examples of the mystery gift are CDs, stickers, posters, pins, shirts, etc. Please follow these important instructions to take advantage of the best deal of the year! All CD sales are on a “first-come, first-served” basis, no CDs will be held to await payment. All CD sales must be completed by 11:59 PM EST December 31st, 2021 to qualify for this special. Please be aware that the free CDs must be equal to or less than the specified dollar amounts listed below. Many titles in the catalog are in limited supply and some will sell out, so please list alternate titles! Failure to follow all of these instructions will delay shipment of your order! Please contact if you have any questions regarding this special or availability of any titles.

  • Buy three CDs equal to $30 or more and get TWO additional CDs FREE! (The free CDs must equal $20 or less)
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STABBING ‘Ravenous Psychotic Onslaught’

On December 10th Comatose Music will unleash the uncontainable violence of Stabbing – a new name in brutal Texan death metal. This gathering of savage beasts features members and ex-members of Flesh Hoarder, Scattered Remains and Nephilim Grinder and all their experience has been brought to bear, creating a monstrous collection of colossal grooves, murderous riffs and relentless blasts – all topped with the gore drenched, gut-ripping vocals of Bridget Lynch. This first kill is the beginning of something bloody and utterly unstoppable. Give yourself up to the knife! ORDER NOW!


INTRICATED ‘Apocalyptic Metamorphosis’

On December 10th the fury of Intricated will be unleashed! Their new album ‘Apocalyptic Metamorphosis’ features ten tracks of precision putridity and bludgeoning brutality that twist themselves through impossible grotesque contortions, shifting from a slime-ridden crawl to a terrifying skin flaying blast with barely a breath in between. A sense of threat and menace hangs heavy between the thunderous riffs and death is never more than a heartbeat away. Coming to you directly from the sin swamped streets of Bangkok, Intricated will eat you alive! ORDER NOW!


PERVERATION ‘Perversion in Manifest Disease’

On November 19th peer behind the curtain with Comatose Music and discover the warped and horrifying world of Perveration. Debut album ‘Perversion in Manifest Disease’ is a savage and sordid outpouring of death metal from the sewers of Indonesia – utterly nightmarish and decidedly not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Featuring members of Depraved Murder and Invigorate this is absolute sickness at its most extreme. Beyond heavy, beyond brutal… just unforgiving depravity and devastation. ORDER NOW!


CYSTECTOMY ‘Deprive to Hollowness’

Formed in 2020, this past year of plague has brought us a new strain of brutal death metal sickness. Hailing from disparate parts of the globe and featuring the punishing guitar skills of Oscar Ortega, Cystectomy was created for the glorification of musical extremity. Their debut album ‘Deprive to Hollowness’ has been sculpted from gore and blood, a monolith of horror, imperious in its power, chilling in its merciless fury. On November 5th, when its last haunting tones have faded into silence, ‘Deprive to Hollowness’ will still be writhing in your mind, a beast forever alive in your memories. ORDER NOW!