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PATHOLOGY ‘Throne of Reign’

Comatose Music proudly re-issues Pathology’s 2014 release ‘Throne of Reign’. This edition has re-recorded drum sections and includes a killer bonus track! Completely re-mixed and re-mastered for optimal sonic destruction. First 1,000 also come packaged in a deluxe slipcase. Amazing artwork by the talented Par Olofsson. If you missed this back in 2014, now is your chance to own this often overlooked, yet crushing album, and hear it the way it was intended to be heard. ORDER NOW!

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Comatose Music is honored to present the undisputed heavyweights of pit crushing death metal, the Norwegian slam gods Kraanium! Returning in 2018 with their fifth full length album titled ‘Slamchosis’. Prepare for ten tracks of uncompromising northern slamming brutality as you’ve come to expect, with a hint of new depraved influences that adds more bang for the buck! Featuring guest appearances by Andy from Vomitous/Soils of Fate, Phil from Pighead, Meik from Begging for Incest and a special tribute in memory of our dearly departed brother Martin Funderud done by Chris Williams from Perceptions of Torment. The wait is almost over and slam fiends worldwide can revel in the filth once again… out this summer!



From the rancid innards of central Texas, the death metal savages known as Flesh Hoarder have risen from a five year incubation to unleash their grisly debut release ‘Homicidal Necrophile’. Erupting with ferocious vocals and crushing riffs, trampled by a relentless drum assault that’s certain to decimate the weak. This album is essential with unforgiving brutality that will be celebrated by the barbaric and praised by the sick. Coming Spring 2018…

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Comatose Music proudly welcomes the legendary Italian death metal outfit Corpsefucking Art! They are back after three years and ready to consume your carcass with their fifth studio full length as the soundtrack to your merciless demise. With a strong line-up that includes Mario Di Giambattista (Devangelic & Vulvectomy), and the historical founding member Andrea Corpse, the band stands ready to unearth their filthy and savage traditional sound strongly influenced by Cannibal Corpse (Barnes era), Incantation and Deicide. Artwork will be handled by Chris Moyen, who has been the band’s trademark for years, with his extravagant character “Mr. Daisy”. You can expect ten tracks of psychopathic old school, blood drenched death metal! Coming late 2018…